Customer stabs store owner following argument over mask-wearing policy

A 33-year-old Washington store owner and his father are about to get back to work following the incident that took place at their store at Tacoma when they were both attacked by a customer following an argument over mask-wearing policy at their store.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Tuesday at “The Corner Store” in Tacoma.

The 33-year-old owner of the store Jin Hyun already got back at work. His regular customers were devastated by the incident and were concerned about his father’s condition.

The community expressed their full support leaving a lot of well-wishes cards and messages on the sidewalk. People were happy to see their beloved neighbor back in the store.

“Doing much better,” said Jin Hyun. “Doing much better.”

The incident happened when a customer entered the stored without a mask. Hyan asked him several times to put on a mask, but the customer obviously refused to do so and continues shopping.

“And I told him again, ‘Sir, you’ve got to have your mask on. We can’t serve you,’” said Hyun. “And then, as I was escorting him out, he was getting upset as he was walking out.”

That’s the moment when the customer got furious, pulling out a knife and stabbing Hyun in the abdomen.

“Then my dad jumped on the guy,” said Hyun. “And then the guy starts stabbing my dad multiple times. The crazy thing is he just walked away as if nothing happened.”

Minutes after the incident officers were already in the area looking for the suspect.

“They want to look and ensure that any immediate leads that they have, any information they may have that they try and follow up on it as soon as possible,” said Tacoma Police Officer Shelbie Boyd. “Unfortunately, it did not lead to an arrest.”

Hyun is already recovering from the stabbing, but his father suffered heavy injuries and he will need to rest in the upcoming period.

“Back of head, went through his wrist, and then there’s a couple on the sides,” said Jin Hyun. “Yeah. He got the worst. Mine’s minor compared to his. He jumped to protect me”

Although some media reported this incident as a racist attack, Hyun denies it. He claims that the incident was purely over the mask-policy.

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