Train incident Monday morning in Columbia sent two people to the hospital for treatment, ongoing investigation

Columbia, South Carolina – Two people suffered injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment following a train incident that took place in Columbia Monday morning.

Officials with the Columbia Fire Department who responded to the scene following the crash confirmed that the train incident happened close to Longwood Drive near Shop Rd. just before 8:30 a.m.

As of the writing of this article, crews are still investigating the scene and the area is shut down. Once the area is cleared, it will be reopened.

Fire Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins said the crash caused a fuel spill in the rural area around the site. It is currently contained.

Reportedly, two trains collided in the crash, which left two crew members injured. No word was given about their condition. They were transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

We expect more details about the incident following the initial investigation. Stay with us for updates.

Monica Doyle


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