Teenager charged following the Tuesday’s fight in Hartsville Middle School bus, police report

Fight in Hartsville Middle School bus Tuesday afternoon results with at least one teenager charged believed to be responsible for the fight, local police department confirmed.

According to the police, a video taken from a student during the fight clearly shows that the 13-year-old student hit another student with phone case.

The victim threw the phone case back at the suspect, who then got up out of her seat and hit the victim in the back of the head after more words were exchanged.

Another student walked down the aisle when this happened and got into an altercation with the victim, who claimed the other student told the suspect to hit her.

The fight kept going with the suspect repeatedly punching the victim in the head until the bus driver stopped the bus and with the help of other students finally broke up the fight.

Officers questioned both involved in the fight. The suspect answered that she can’t remember what happened in the bus. After reviewing the video, authorities believe that they “could see this being possible.”

Suspect’s mother told the authorities that she is having anger issues lately since her brother was killed.

The suspect is charged with third-degree assault by a mob/lynching and the case is being handled in family court. She is also suspended, pending a hearing with the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.

The other two students involved had their punishments handled by the school, according to police.

Monica Doyle


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