Why Charleston is One of the Best Places to Live in South Carolina?

Moving to Charleston may seem like an odd idea at first glance. After all, out of all the places in South Carolina, why should you call Charleston your home? Well, there are a couple of reasons that make Charleston not only livable but, in fact, great for raising a family and enjoying a nice, comfortable life. So, here are the reasons why Charleston is one of the best places to live in South Carolina.

Why we think Charleston is one of the best places to live in South Carolina

No place in the world suits everyone. Charleston is not for you if you are a young professional looking for an exciting neighborhood filled with different cultures and booming nightlife. But, if you are more oriented towards a calmer lifestyle and raising a family, Charleston easily takes the top place in South Carolina. To help explain why this is so, we will go over the common traits of a decent family town: safety, education, weather, the demeanor of residents, and the ease of transportation.

Friendly People

A lot of cities will say that they are friendly and welcoming. But, Charleston really does embody the idea of Southern hospitality. People who move here from different states are often surprised at how helpful and welcoming Charleston’s residents are. From helping you settle into your new home to making sure that you are doing well, there is hardly a thing that a Charleston neighbor won’t help you with.

In fact, before coming from other parts of the country, we strongly suggest that you talk with Charleston locals and pick their mind about living here. You’d be surprised to learn that they will be more than happy to describe Charleston further and even explain what moving here will be like.

Rich History

One of the reasons why the people of Charleston place so much importance on their Southern hospitality is because they value their history. As the oldest town in South Carolina, Charleston is a treat for any history buff. Here you can see dozens of different sights, buildings, and monuments, where each has a story to tell. The Preservation Society of Charleston is the oldest community-based historic preservation group and one of the most hardworking. The people of Charleston will do their best to help you understand the history of this beautiful city and value it that much more.

Great for Starting a Family

One of the most significant reasons why Charleston is one of the greatest places to live in South Carolina is the family. After moving here, all the key issues that family-oriented people look for will present themselves and you will quickly begin to appreciate this place.


Charleston has the second-largest school system in South Carolina. Here are some of the most notable elementary schools:

Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School
Orange Grove Elementary Charter School
Malcolm C. Hursey Elementary School

Middle schools also give you plenty of options, and here are the most prominent ones:

Buist Academy School
First Baptist School of Charleston, SC
The Charleston Catholic School

And finally, Charleston has a wide array of colleges, with different teaching styles and areas of excellence. The ones we would like to point out are:

The Citadel – One of the best military colleges in the nation
American College of the Building Arts
College of Charleston
Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

MUSC is especially worth mentioning because it is the oldest medical School in the South. It is also the only integrated academic health sciences center in the state. Excellent education and groundbreaking research, alongside their dedication to deliver the highest quality patient care possible, are the primary focuses of this institution.

Strong Economy

The presence of good colleges and stable income households has made Charleston one of the local economy centers. Many IT and tech companies (over 250) have opened their offices here to draw in talent. Such an economic situation is bound to help other industries develop, making Charleston a great place to start a business. Therefore, if you are a young professional, there is no need to be worried about finding a job in Charleston.

Ease of Transport

Even though Charleston is becoming fairly popular with young families, it is still quite easy to drive here. Parking spots are plentiful and affordable, with metered parking and several parking garages. Once you move here, you will learn that traveling by car is not the only efficient option. Charleston gives you the ability to travel by sea, which can be quite useful for avoiding bridges during the rush hour. Furthermore, due to beautiful weather year-round, Charleston is a terrific place for bikers.


With quiet streets, friendly people, and a stable housing situation, Charleston is one of the safest places in the U.S. If that isn’t enough, you should know that over 90,000 Charleston residents work in the military, as there are multiple active bases nearby. So, if safety is any concern, Charleston is one of the best places to live in South Carolina.

Plenty of activities for all ages

By now, you can probably envision your future life in Charleston. But, the question remains, what would it be like if you retired here? Well, don’t worry. Whether you are a young person looking for something fun to do with your family or an elderly trying to pass the time, Charleston has got you covered. You can enjoy one of Charleston’s beautiful parks, like Cypress Gardens or James Island County Park. Here you can ride bikes, hike, have picnics, walk your dog… Whatever activity sounds the most fun.

For sports fans, Kiawah Island Golf has a world-class golf course. And if you are more of a baseball fan, check out the minor-league Charleston Riverdogs. Finally, if you are up for a leisurely stroll, go for a walk in Charleston historic district. Once you learn a bit about it, you will soon lose yourself in the rich history around you, and you will, too, see why Charleston is one of the best places to live in South Carolina.

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