“We heard yelling,” Man kills the renter of the house where he lives after argument over payment in front of pregnant girlfriend

Renters usually face different kinds of problems with the tenants that usually end up with fights, damaged properties or eviction. The issues the renters face have drastically increased since the start of the pandemic as a result of the eviction moratorium leading to fights and in some today’s case, death.

According to the police reports, an incident that took place earlier this month ended up to be fatal for the landlord following an argument over payment with the tenant who have been renting his property for pretty long period of time.

The suspect was identified as the R. Hennessey who allegedly shot to death the victim, identified as the D. Michaud, when he tried to evict him from the property after failing to pay rent for several months. The shooting incident happened in front of the victim’s pregnant girlfriend who was due any day.

The police were dispatched at the scene in the afternoon hours earlier this month in the Maine’s home when the pregnant woman called the authorities after her boyfriend was shot in front of her eyes. When officers arrived at the scene, they found Michaud’s body on the front porch.

The investigation showed that the pregnant woman encountered Hennessey in the vestibule of the building where they live and he “appeared confrontational.” When the two started exchanging words, Michaud arrived and told Hennessey to leave his girlfriend alone.

“We heard yelling,” neighbors told the officers who responded at the scene.

According to the affidavit, Hennessey went upstairs to his residence, while the couple went out to the front porch. That’s when the woman heard Hennessey say “Doug” as she observed Hennessey emerge onto the porch and shoot Michaud in the chest several times with a handgun after a short argument over unpaid rent.

Right after the shooting, the suspect fled the scene with his motorcycle, while the pregnant woman was trying to keep her boyfriend alive for the time being. The suspect was arrested later that day in New Hampshire. The victim was transferred to hospital, but he was pronounced dead shortly after.

“The next thing we know it was police everywhere, and of course the girlfriend was out here like screaming crazy, frantically, she just witnessed Doug be shot,” neighbor said. According to other neighbors, the victim tried to evict the suspect just before the start of the pandemic last year over unpaid rent, but they reached an agreement and the case was later dismissed.

Hennessey was arrested and held in jail without bond. He faces many years in prison if found guilty on the first-degree murder charge.

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