55-year-old man attended “Corona party” to contract the virus and build natural immunity to get Covid-19 pass, gets infected and dies

Despite the fact that governments around the world are doing everything in their power to vaccinate as many people as possible against Covid-19 free of charge, there are millions of vaccine hesitant people who decide not to get the vaccine for many different reasons.

Many countries are now allowing only fully vaccinated to go to stores, cinemas, shopping malls and to travel and that policy puts a lot of pressure on those unvaccinated. That said, there is rising trend in fake Covid-19 passes and even fake Covid-19 vaccine certificates sold on the black market that everyone can get one super-easy in just few clicks.

However, there is one more rising trend that seems to be much more dangerous compared to the fake Covid-19 passes and certificates and they are called “Corona parties.” This kind of parties are extremely popular lately, especially in Europe, where people gather in an effort to contract the virus and therefore build natural immunity.

Corona parties are type of parties where at least one Covid-19 positive person will attend the party while all the other attendees are people who don’t want to get vaccinated, but they also don’t have natural immunity. At these parties, the vaccine hesitant people share drinks, hug and stay face-close with the Covid-19 positive people in an effort to contract the virus and build natural immunity which will guarantee them Covid-19 pass later that they can use just like the fully vaccinated ones.

One such Corona party took place recently in Northern Italy in the city of Bolzano where people gathered to contract the virus, but this party ended up fatally for one 55-year-old Austria resident who contracted the virus, ended up hospitalized and later died as a result of the virus.

According to the Independent, this was not the only party in the region since a few local hospitals there confirmed at least three additional hospitalizations recently, including a child, who attended this type of parties in the last two-three weeks. According to the latest reports, all three of the infected are doing well and their condition is not critical at this moment.

Health chiefs believe the patients are anti-vaxxers who deliberately attempted to become infected so they could obtain a “green pass”, which is now required for work and leisure in Italy, according to local media. However, the situation is similar in most of the European countries where residents are required the so-called “green pass” so they can live normally.

One is eligible for “green pass” if it’s fully vaccinated or by recovering from infection within the previous six-twelve months depending on the country.

Patrick Franzoni, co-ordinator of the anti-Covid unit in Bolzano, told Italian newspaper Il Dolomiti: “We have received more than one account from doctors of patients who admitted to having been infected on purpose.

“[They do this] to develop antibodies, and to obtain the green pass without vaccination,” he said.

“There are long-term consequences and even young people can end up in hospital.”

According to Dr Franzoni, these parties are usually organized in private homes and he believes that at least 10 people can easily contract the virus in a matter of hours. Since authorities realized that Corona parties are a trend in the area, the Prosecutor’s Office in Bolzano officially opened special investigation about the parties in an effort to prevent people to get infected with the virus.

Once the story went viral, local news outlets confirmed such parties in Germany and Austria too. Both Austria and Germany are now seeing one of the worst periods in the pandemic with reporting record high numbers of new cases on a daily basis.

Austria on Monday became the first country in western Europe to reimpose a lockdown since the introduction of vaccines. Germany and the Netherlands could also face tougher restrictions, with German health minister, Jens Spahn predicting most of the country would be “vaccinated, cured or dead” by the end of winter.

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