Woman shot in the head and killed her minor child because she couldn’t find her USB drive, accused him he lost it

Angry parents can usually end up beating their children for different reasons, but this woman went step further when she decided to shot her child to death over USB flash drive thinking that the boy was hiding from her or that he lost it.

The fatal incident occurred earlier this month when the 37-year-old F. Harris couldn’t find her USB flash drive in her Illinois home and asked her 12-year-old son about the USB.

According to the investigators, the boy said to his mother that he doesn’t know where she can find her USB drive and that’s the moment she instantly became furious. The mother confronted her son that he was either hiding from her or that he lost it, while the boy was trying to explain that he has nothing to do with the USB drive.

In the initial investigation of the incident, investigators were able to obtain a security footage that shows part of the shooting incident. As Independent reported, the boy was shot two times before he died.

When the mother became furious after the boy couldn’t provide the USB flash drive, she shot him once leaving him injured. The mother then pushed the boy once again to provide the USB while he was “conscious and crying” after the first shot. The first shot was not captured on the footage, but on audio.

Ms Harris then took a phone call as her son lay injured on the kitchen floor and returned to again demand the memory card, after which she shot her son a second time, prosecutors alleged. This time, video showed Ms Harris shooting her son, they said.

The security video obtained by the investigators clearly shows the moment of the second shot. The mother was seen pointing the gun at her son, demanding the memory card. The second shot was fatal for the 12-year-old boy who was later pronounced dead at the University of Chicago Medical Centre.

Ms Harris admitted to two family members over the phone that she had shot her son as he had not returned the memory card, prosecutors said, and the family members alerted the police. The mother also admitted to shooting her son to investigators, they said.

According to the close family members, the mother had strange behavior in the period prior to the deadly incident and she even visited a therapist the day before she killed her son.

The father of the boy, who was divorced from the mother, said that he warned her family relatives that she was suffering mental illness trying to convince them that she was completely unstable. He added that despite her health issues, she was loving mom.

“We didn’t know that this was going to transpire,” ex-husband told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We had told her to get help. I guess it finally reached its boiling point… She loved him more than anything in the world.

“His mom is a loving mom. She loved him more than she loved anything in the world,” Mr Ingram said. “People need to know that mental illness is real.”

Harris might spend the rest of her life behind bars if found guilty.

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