South Carolina Red Cross once again taking action, volunteers to help with Tropical Storm Henri disaster relief

South Carolina Red Cross is always here for those in need and this has been proven multiple times over the last months despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Red Cross had helped people that lost their houses in fires, helped people with in need of food and drinks and is always here for those that need any kind of help.

The Red Cross now announced that they are sending disaster workers to the northeast coast to help those in need who suffered damages from Tropical Storm Henri.

The storm is anticipated to impact areas of southern New England and eastern Long Island on Sunday and Monday.

According to the weather experts, heavy rain and a high storm surge are expected that will result with strong winds and flooding.

As of now, two volunteers are already on their way to the northeast coast, while others might be deployed in the next couple of days.

They say they’re prepared to open evacuation shelters if requested, and provide aid after Henri passes if needed.

If you want to learn more about the disasters or you want to be join their relief program, please visit their website.

Cindy Carey


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