After she refused to let him see his son, man shot and killed his pregnant ex-wife and her boyfriend in front of their son

After a divorce, the father and the mother usually have the equal right to spend time with their children, but this was not the case with today’s story when the mother refused to let her ex-husband to see their teen son and the whole case ended fatally with three dead.

According to the police report, the 35-year-old J. Martin, who was eight months pregnant, was fatally shot at the end of last month by her ex-husband in front of her house while their teen boy was watching the whole incident.

Reportedly, the suspect, identified as the 47-year-old J. Martin, showed up in front of the woman’s home located in Alabama the day prior to the shooting incident asking to see his 14-year-old son, but the woman refused.

The next day Martin came again and asked to see his son again and shot his ex-wife in the yard after she refused to let him see the boy again. The woman’s boyfriend, the 40-year-old R. Cook who reportedly was the father of the unborn baby, tried to protect the pregnant woman and attacked the shooter with baseball bat, but he was shot to death too.

The pregnant woman was still alive at the time, but she was suffering life-threatening injuries and her condition was worsening with every minute past. Cook died at the scene. Right after shooting them both, the suspect went to the back of the house and shot himself to death.

When officers arrived at the scene, they pronounced the shooting suspect and Cook dead at the scene, while the EMS crews immediately transferred the pregnant to hospital for treatment. Despite doctor’s efforts to save her life and the life of the unborn baby, they were both pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after arrival there.

The victims were identified by the local authorities and the categorized the case as a “domestic violence encounter.” According to them, no other people were involved in the shooting incident.

The investigators revealed that the shooter was not in touch with his ex-wife and child for more than 10 years. He showed up in front of the house out of nowhere and that’s the reason why he was not allowed to see the boy. The police believe that was the motive for the shooting.

What seems to be the most devastating thing in the whole incident is the fact that the 14-year-old boy was at home when the incident took place and he witnessed the shooting firsthand.

“When I came up in the driveway, (Martin’s son) came up running to me saying, ‘Uncle Bubba, Richard’s dead, my dad shot him in the head, he went in there and said my mom is gurgling’,” family relative told WTMV.

The police additionally revealed that the shooter has been stalking the family for a few days before the incident took place.

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