Infant sustained the worst injuries doctor has seen on a living patient; the cruel parents sentenced to total of 29 years in prison

The abusive parents from Idaho who beat their six-week-old baby, were found guilty and finally sentenced after months long court procedure. James B. and Amanda B. beat their baby so hard that she suffered the worst injuries doctor has seen on a living patient, according to the doctor who treated the baby at hospital.

The father was sentenced to 15 years in prison, while the mother 14 after found guilty to two felony counts of injury to a child after Amanda took their unresponsive 6-week-old daughter to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in with no plausible explanation of the infant’s severe injuries.

The judge in one occasion said the parents should be lucky the child survived, otherwise, the offenses would have changed dramatically.

In August 2020 the suspects signed Alford plea agreement which made prosecutors to change the charged from infliction of great bodily injury sentencing enhancements to a second count of injury to a child.

“I would first like to say while I did not know my child’s bones was (sic) broken, I wish I could take it back every day,” Amanda B. said before the judge sentenced her. “I wish it had never happened, and I’m really sorry.”

The father, James, refused to comment.

The incident

Back in July 2019, the mother took her baby at hospital for treatment saying “she is not feeling well.” But the medical staff easily noticed that the baby was under her birth weight and had many fresh and old injuries. The baby suffered serious injuries including two skull fractures, leg and ribs broken.

Head scans also showed two large pockets of fluid where the temporal lobes of her brain should have been. Doctors told detectives the voids were filled with blood and eroded brain matter.

“A pediatric neurologist was called in,” Bonneville County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Russell J. Spencer said. “He said these were the worse injuries he had ever observed on a patient that was still living.”

At first, both parents initially denied and knowledge of what have happened. But in the follow-up interviews with the police, they both agreed they experienced blackouts and were “rough” when handling her.

The baby had rough times at hospital while the doctors were trying to save her life. In one occasion they even considered ending life support since the baby health condition was so bad, they taught she will never ever recover.

After about two weeks, the child was stabilized, and Child Protective Services took custody and placed her in a foster home. The child remains with a foster family and still struggles day to day. She likely will require help for the rest of her life.

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