Parents of Berkeley High students concerned over their children’s safety

The rising number of fights in the last couple of months in Berkeley High is a worrying thing for parents who are now questioning themselves if they should allow students to visit the school at all.

One of them is John, a father of two Berkeley High students and this is what he had to say about the problem:

“I’m torn between, do I yank them out and let her suffer through the education part of it? Or do I leave her in there so she can get the educational part of it, but worry about her safety,” he said.

According to the Berkeley County School District, there have been several fights in Berkeley High since the start of the school year so far.

In an effort to reduce the number of fights, a lockdown and increased police presence has been seen in recent weeks.

“Her concern is, what if someone in her classroom shows up with a gun and just starts going off? What if she’s at lunch and SRO officers and the administration can’t be everywhere. You don’t know really who has what or is doing what,” said John.

Berkely County School District didn’t provide the information how many fights have been recorded since the start of the student year so far. Officials with the districts also refuse to give interviews regarding the problem.

“It’s scary. It’s scary because when my daughter leaves for school, I’m expecting her to be safe, to be taken care of, not worry about, OK, is this the day I may not get to see her again,” said John on the situation.

Until now, no new safety measures are planned to be taken in the upcoming period.

In multiple occasions, officials with the school said that students’ safety is their top priority, but didn’t say what school’s next steps would be in an effort to improve the general safety in the school.

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