Texas man fatally shoots 6-year-old girl because she clogged the toilet

R. Means was arrested and charged for fatally shooting 6-year-old girl in Texas apartment complex over clogged toilet. The police said Means is charged with capital murder where the girl was shot following the dispute over spilled water from the backed-up toilet.

“The toilet was stopped up and the water spilled out, so it was overflowing and that was what set him off I guess,” police spokeswoman said in an announcement.

The first reports said that Means was a relative of the girl, something that later Means denied. It turned out that his sister and the girl’s mother were just close friends. That’s the reason why someone mistook them for being relatives.

Means’ sister was watching over the girl in her apartment, while the girl’s mother was taking care of her three nephews who lost their parents in a crash the weekend before.

Minutes before the shooting, Means knocked on the doors of other neighbors asking if they had the same issue, water coming down from upper apartments. Then he went on the upper floor and entered the girl’s apartment. A minute after couple shots were fired and his sister started screaming.

Police arrested Means two hours after the incident.

Neighbors immediately called 911 and the girl was taken in hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the injuries.

Means, originally from Haiti but with US citizenship, faces many years in prison, even a death penalty is possible.

Alex Tuhell

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