Another Lowcountry fully renovated library reopens for the public, part of the $108.5 million referendum-funded project passed by Charleston County voters

The renovation of the public libraries in the Lowcountry area continues as another public area reopened for the public on Monday.

As we already reported in the beginning of August, the first renovated library as a part of the $108.5 million referendum-funded project reopened in Charleston.

The fully renovated Otranto Road Library was reopened for the public, with increased capacity to serve more people on a daily basis after it was closed form last August.

According to the latest reports, the second public library funded by the referendum project opened on Monday on John Island.

There was a ribbon cutting for Johns Island Regional Library Monday.

The same as Otranto Road Library, Johns Island Regional Library was closed for renovation since August 2020.

Charleston County Public Library said that people should expect new technology, increased capacity, new furniture and a designated area for kids and teens.

Meanwhile, employees said that they have acquired new knowledge while the library was under renovation. This is what they said:

“We are all excited to be back together because during this time, we were all deployed to other branches and we’ve learned a lot of things that these other branches do and we’re excited to bring them to the Johns Island community,” said Branch Manager Linda Stewart.

The Hurd/St. Andrews, Mount Pleasant, and Dorchester Road branches remain closed for ongoing renovations.

Cindy Carey


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