Charleston’s Liberty Hill Academy student punched teacher in the face, arrested and charged

Charleston, South Carolina – The North Charleston Police Department informed the public that a Liberty Hill Academy was injured after being attacked by a student in the school on Thursday. The student was later arrested and charged with a 3rd degree assault charges.

According to the incident report, a female student punched a male teacher with a closed fist, forcing him to the ground. After the teacher fell on the ground, the student continued to assault the school employee eventually resulting with several injuries.

The Charleston County School District later released a statement regarding the incident:

“A staff member at Liberty Hill Academy was assaulted by a student while breaking up a fight at Liberty Hill Academy yesterday. Law enforcement is involved, and we are following the district policies to address the situation.”

The NCPD said that prior to the incident, the female student was trying to get inside the school with another student without properly checking in during a transitional time between classes. The two students then spotted another student who they had issued with and attempted to make a contact.

When the teacher saw what is happening, he reportedly stepped in to restrain the students. That’s the moment when the teacher was assaulted by the student whose identity was not released due to her age.

The school employee suffered several minor injuries and was back at work on Friday, the school confirmed.

Incidents are often reported at Liberty Hill since it’s an alternative school for students with behavioral issues. While the school employees have underwent special trainings to handle potentially violent students, they are not always capable of solving these kinds of situations and the school is often forced to seek police assistance.

In the last couple of years, several school employees have filed lawsuits against the school district for unsafe workplace.

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