Lowcountry companies still struggle with workers shortage, both local businesses and major companies looking to hire workers in preparation for the upcoming holiday season

The end of the federal unemployment benefits didn’t solve the labor shortage issue many local businesses as well as major companies face in the past few months since the beginning of the summer.

During the summer months, the hospitality industry was the one that struggled the most, but with the end of the summer, the labor shortage issue is moving to other industries.

Many Lowcountry local businesses and some major companies are looking to hire workers in preparations for the upcoming holiday season. According to the latest data, there are thousands of open job positions across South Carolina companies, looking to hire immediately.

A growing demand for consumer goods with holiday shopping around the corner. Companies say they are gearing up to meet the need.

“Right now based on the need especially headed into the holiday season and like Black Friday and those kinds of things, there are companies that will hire folks with no experience whatsoever,” says Jon Nicklas, Branch Manager and Recruiter for Hire Dynamics.

Workers are wanted in almost every industry and business type. According to the available job positions, South Carolina companies are looking for workers for office jobs, transportations, restaurants, manufacturing, hospitality and more.

Hire Dynamics is holding their 3rd Hirepalooze event in a year hoping to fill more than 300 positions across the Tri-County.

“Specifically related to industrial positions, manufacturing and logistics and then office admin like jobs, those are what we’re working on filling,” says Nicklas.

The labor shortage is not an issue only in South Carolina. Majority of the states already reported that local businesses in those states are also struggling to fill the workers gap since the pandemic measures were loosened late May.

Amazon in the past days announced they’re hiring 125,000 new workers nationwide. Amazon plans to hire 1,000 workers in South Carolina. Dave Bozeman, Vice President of Amazon’s Transportation Services says it’s been a busy year.

“We’ve hired over 450,000 employees since the pandemic started and from a growth perspective we’ve launched over 250 buildings so far this year,” says Bozeman.

Amazon plans to open more than a hundred new buildings by the end of the month and it doesn’t include plans to increase the company’s seasonal workforce.

“So we’re really seeing growth across the entire network, certainly there’s going to be a little bit more here and there depending on the market you’re in,” says Bozeman.

As the holiday season approaches, many small companies but also some major ones like Amazon are looking to hire as many people as possible and to be prepared for the increased operations during the next few months.

“Right now because of the challenge in the economy, companies are doing things like hiring or attendance bonuses,” says Nicklas. “There’s been a huge percent of our customers that have done pay raises even in the last six months.”

Hire Dynamics will hold day 2 of it’s job fair in North Charleston Job Fair on Wednesday offering a variety of job openings. You can pre-register online or show up in person tomorrow at Hire Dynamics in North Charleston of Ashley Phosphate Road from 9am to 3pm.

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