Health experts urge people to get vaccinated ahead of the holidays, new winter Covid-19 wave expected

Numerous health experts in the last couple of weeks warned that the country might face another winter Covid-19 wave similar to the one we saw last year despite the fact that United States is seeing more than decent vaccination rate.

Although the vaccines are working in the most of the cases, the immunity lowers after some time and combined with the holiday gatherings and more indoor gatherings in general in the upcoming months, it’s easy to assume why health experts are warning that another wave is expected.

Ahead of the holiday season, health experts now warn those unvaccinated there is still enough time to get their shot. The vaccines significantly lower the chance of hospitalization and death.

Experts say get your shot if you have not already and if you are currently eligible for a booster shot, get it.

With the Covid-19 vaccine approved for children aged 5-11, experts believe that high vaccination rate in that group will also improve the general safety and maybe slow down the potential winter wave.

Doctors go even further claiming that even one dose of the Covid-19 vaccines can make a significant difference in improve safety, especially to elderly people.

“When grandma comes around the mildly ill child with COVID-19, grandma and grandpa and the elderly, and the other adult range are gonna be those who are going to experience Covid,” said Dr. Scott Curry, Medical University of South Carolina. “And if they’re unvaccinated, it could be a significant risk for hospitalization and worst.”

Doctors also urge families to get a rapid COVID-19 test before Thanksgiving Day and to continue following CDC guidelines such as wearing a mask, keep gatherings small and limit them to just members of your family.

Alex Tuhell

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