‘Friends’ call girl to go outside and play together, hours later she returns home covered in blood and bruises, being beaten continuously for hours

Brittany, the mother of the 10-year-old Callie, was happy to let her daughter play with her friends after they knocked on the front door of her apartment to ask if she could come next door to play with them. The mother regretted her decision a few hours later when the little girl came back home covered in blood all over her face and bruises.

According to police reports, the incident happened earlier this month when Brittany let her daughter with her friends in the morning around 8 a.m., but she was devastated of what she was seeing when the girl came back home after 12 p.m.

In a Facebook post, the mother explained she never had problems letting Callie play with her neighbor friends since they were playing together almost every day for the past few months prior to the incident.

Callie appeared to be beaten by the same friends who asked her out that morning, the same girls that she had been playing for months. The mother added that Callie’s ‘friends’ punched her in the face with their fists, but also used different kinds of objects hitting her all over the body. The little girl suffered multiple serious injuries on the body and on the face.

In addition to the serious injuries she suffered from the brutal beating, Callie’s mother added that her daughter was dragged across multiple rooms and has been bleach sprayed. Callie had been kept as a hostage in one of her friends’ house.

At one point, the girls insulted Callie for bleeding from the beatings she had sustained, and she was forced to clean her blood up afterward.

What is even more unbelievable is the fact that while the girls were abusing Callie for several hours, the mother of one of the girls was taking photos and recording the incident.

Few days after the incident, Brittany shared it on Facebook and immediately gained support from other parents, family relatives and friends. When she initially explained the incident, none of the girls was arrested. However, following the Change.org petition, the girls who abused her daughter have been arrested and are at a juvenile detention center. The mother deserves a prison too, but at this point she is still free.

As WJHL 11 reported, two days after the girls were arrested, community members in Elizabethton, Tennessee organized a support rally.

NOTE: Due to the age of the victim, the photos are not shown. Click here for Callie’s mother FB post.

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