Healthcare worker is accused of fake-vaccinating vaccine hesitant people so they can obtain Covid passes, caught on hidden camera and arrested

The Omicron wave continues its surge across the country and it looks like we are still far from the end of this winter wave despite the fact that some states may already be at their peak. While majority of the states are reporting close-to-record high number of cases, hospitals are overwhelmed with patients again amid serious staffing shortages.

Avoiding indoor gatherings, maintaining social distance and wearing face masks are the well-known pandemic measures which help in reducing the spread of the virus, but health experts continue to advise people to get vaccinated since the Covid-19 vaccines are the best weapon we have to combat Omicron.

Those fully vaccinated, especially those with a booster dose, can travel freely, visit restaurants and bars, gyms and in general, there are way fewer restrictions in most of the cases in their everyday lives compared to the unvaccinated. Despite the results of hundreds of studies showing that vaccines are proven to work against the virus, millions of people worldwide remain unvaccinated and therefore, much more exposed to the virus.

In the last few months, there have been several dangerous trends vaccine hesitant people trying to contract the virus so they can obtain Covid passes which will allow them to ‘enjoy’ the same things as the fully vaccinated. We reported about the Australian woman sharing drinks with strangers and we also reported about parties being organized with Covid positive so others can contract the virus, but there are many more similar cases reported.

According to the The Guardian, a healthcare worker from Italy has been arrested earlier this month after being accused of pretending to give Covid vaccines to anti-vaxxer activists so they could benefit from official health certificates to travel and access bars, restaurants and public transport in the country.

The Italian police didn’t disclose how they learned about the 58-year-old woman working at an inoculation center in the Sicilian capital and it remains unknown to how many anti-vaxxers she applied the ‘fake’ vaccine since the start of the vaccination process.

When authorities learned about the nurse, they started an investigation. As a part of the investigation, they used a hidden camera to film the nurse where she is clearly shown apparently loading up a dose of Covid-19 vaccine and then emptying the syringe into a tissue before pretending to inject it into the arms of anti-vaxxers.

The video later surfaced on Twitter. The local police department confirmed that the video was enough for them to arrest and charged her with forgery and embezzlement. The investigation additionally revealed that the woman’s third, booster dose of the vaccine was also fake.

Prior to this incident, similar incident happened in Italy when a nurse allegedly fake-vaccinated at least 45 vaccine hesitant people. The health worker allegedly emptied vaccines into a medical waste bin.

Italy was one of the first countries to be hardly hit by the virus at the very beginning of the pandemic. But Italy is also one of the countries where these dangerous Covid trends are the most common and according to some reports, people were offering up to nearly $500 to get that ‘fake vaccine’ service like the 58-year-old woman offered.

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