“Help me, help me please, the monster is back,” babysitter saves kidnapped little girl by her monster neighbor, while father’s dead body lays in his house

Parents sometimes struggle to make the right decision, but having a caring babysitter to look over the children is essential. The father of little Maggie obviously made the right decision when he decided to hire their neighbor to look over the little girl when he is not home and it turned out that the babysitter saved Maggie’s life after she was kidnapped by a neighbor.

According to the police, the 5-year-old Maggie was kidnapped and held in neighbor’s home for several days until her babysitter, who lives next to their house, saw the child banging on a window and calling for help.

While she was going home, the babysitter said she saw the little girl in the window of neighbor’s apartment, banging on the glass and screaming for help.

‘She goes, “Help me, help me please,”‘ the babysitter said. ‘When the guy walks back up she says, “The monster is back,” and then she closes the curtain.’

She immediately called the police and informed that the girl was held there against her will. Several other neighbors got outside immediately and went to the apartment asking the neighbor to let Maggie out, but he refused and shut the door.

When officers arrived at the scene, they headed to the apartment but the owner initially slammed the door. However, authorities forced their way in and arrested the suspect in a matter of minutes.

As soon as they rescued the girl from the kidnapper, authorities entered Maggie’s house just to discover a dead body in the living room. Officers didn’t immediately confirm the identity of the victim, but neighbors said it was Maggie’s father.

The little girl was removed from the scene and transferred to hospital for examination. Initially, it looked like the 5-year-old was not physically or sexually abused during her captivity, something that was confirmed by the doctors the next day.

The man who kidnapped the 5-year-old was arrested and charged with multiple charges, but as of now, he is not connected and charged for the death of Maggie’s father. He had his bond set on $250,000.

Authorities said they are investigating the death and kidnapping and they will inform the public as soon as new details are available. Authorities have not disclosed a motive behind the child’s kidnapping, or her father’s death.

Maggie’s kidnapper was known offender. According the hero neighbors who tried to save the little girl’s live, he has a prior criminal history that includes a 2010 conviction on a charge of armed robbery. He was released from prison in 2013 after serving less than three years.

The girl reportedly has family in Texas, but it was not immediately clear if they will take care of her or she will remain in foster care.

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