Hero waitress secretly passes a note to young boy in a restaurant saving him from abusive parents, this is what she wrote to help

Flavaine Carvalho, a waitress from Orlando, Florida, becomes a hero in a matter of minutes and her story goes viral as many people around the world find her act brave and honest. As a result, the people raise $25,000 for what he did while working in a restaurant.

While doing her daily duties, Carvalho spots a boy that seems like he is in danger sitting together with his parents in a restaurant in Orlando. The little boy, only 11-years-old, took his chance to speak about the issue he had with his mother and step-father when Carvalho passes him a note asking if he needed help.

It turns out that both of the boy’s parents were abusive to him and police arrested them shortly after the incident.

Speaking about the moment she decided to intervene, Ms Carvalho said she noticed something was wrong when both the parents received food but that nothing had been ordered for the child. The waitress also noticed bruises to his arms and face.

She then approached the child and secretly gave him the note, standing behind him so that his parents couldn’t read it. The boy then signaled that he did want help.

He was also not allowed to eat on a regular basis and would be tied around his neck and ankles with ratchet straps. The boy told police that he would was also handcuffed and tied to a large, moving dolly.

The boy and his four-year-old sibling have been taken into custody by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

More than $25,000 were raised as an appreciation for what Flavaine Carvalho did.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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