“If you’re recording me, I don’t care because I’m tired of it,” Teacher caught on video using the N-word twice and calling students morons during class

Teachers-involved racism incidents are on the rise lately and parents, especially in multiracial schools, are understandably concerned about this trend. More than a week ago, a video appeared online where two teachers are heard calling their students ‘morons’ and one of the teachers was caught on video using the N-word at least twice during class.

Following the incident that sparked a lot of debate, the teachers were reassigned and a review about the incident is underway. The 9-minute-long video shows the teachers cursing and using racial slurs as they angrily lecture students on their behavior.

According to the Courier Journal, the video was taken on March 18 and shared across the social media platforms gaining a lot of attention and sparking debate about the teachers’ behavior in general since more and more similar incidents are being reported lately. The incident happened in a Kentucky middle school and the teachers were aware that at least one of the students was recording them at the time.

From what is seen in the video, the teachers are reportedly being angry about their students’ behavior lately, using “COVID and trauma” as justification for their misbehavior in class. The video clearly shows only one of the teachers, while the other teacher is reportedly seated at the back, but is shown in another video taken by other student. Teachers are heard yelling at the classroom, taunting the students and at one point calling them “morons.” The teachers curse throughout the video and one says the N-word at least twice.

The incident happened in a multiracial school where some of the students in the class are Black. One of the teachers also referred to the Black students ‘she is tired of the “excuse” that race plays a factor in how police officers respond to people.’ The teachers involved in the incident are both reportedly White, one male and one female teacher. As of now, the identities of the teachers were not released.

“I get cussed out 40 times a day, I’m tired of this s— too. Like what if you all were us and you had some bad a– little kids come up to you and say ‘F— you, b—-?'” the male teacher asked the students. “Or, you get called a n—– or a cracker,” he continued.

When students expressed shock, he told them, “Don’t turn around and look around like that’s something f—— new, because it’s not. I get called a n—– every day, multiple times a day — with a hard ‘R.'” At another point in the video, the male teacher tells the students, “If you want to act like a hot mess, do it at home. Do it in the streets. Not here.”

“Someone explain to me what would happen if you acted some of the ways your classmates act if they were stopped by the police,” she said. “Do you think a cop is going to be like ‘Oh my God, we’ll give you another chance. Honey, just go home to mommy’. No, they’re going to have you down on the ground — no matter your color, so let’s not even use that excuse. I’m getting tired of that too.”

The video forced the school principal to send a letter to the parents the very same day informing them about the incident.

“It came to our attention that an audio recording has surfaced involving two teachers at our school,” Principal Denise Franklin-Williams wrote. “Its contents include teachers using inappropriate language and racially insensitive language. We are taking this matter seriously. I want to assure you that we will be reviewing this matter, and we will be following JCPS policies and procedures in that process.”

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