Improved safety and communication with the community, officers on horses becoming a reality in Charleston Downtown

Charleston, South Carolina – Officers on horseback are becoming a reality again in Downton Charleston area following the latest Charleston Police Department decision to retore their mounted patrol unit.

Due to budgetary reasons, the unit that represented the city of Charleston for decades was disbanded 10 years ago.

The local residents have been waiting to see their beloved police officers on horses since 2011. According to Lt. James Byrne, the mounted horse patrol unit ran in Charleston from 1978 until 2011

“In 10 years that followed, we have heard a number of people who have been clamoring for the return of the horses, both within the police department and within the community at large,” he said.

While officials with the Charleston Police Department claim that the unit back on the streets will provide additional safety for locals, they believe this is one step further in improving their communication with the community.

“It opens doors for conversations every instills trust the visibility of the horses on patrol especially in neighborhoods,” said Byrne. “It just goes a long way to letting people know the police department is out there and they’re doing what they can to keep you safe.”

Some cities across the country decided to disband their mounted patrol units as a part of the police reform efforts. Few weeks ago, mounted patrols were the national hot topic for days regarding the events at the Southern border in an effort to combat Haitian immigrants.

But the Charleston City Council approved unanimously to bring back the unit, hoping to restore some history to the downtown streets.

CPD secured funding for the project through the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The mounted patrol units in Downtown Charleston will have regular police duties and will be used for crimes, crowds, and community.

The police officers and the two horses will go through thorough training before they are on the streets.

Police officials didn’t reveal the time frame when we can finally see our favorite officers.

Cindy Carey


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