Local Charleston bar was violating “Last Call” order by serving alcohol to people after hours

Charleston, South Carolina – Governor McMaster’s “Last Call” order by serving alcohol to people after hours was violated by a downtown Charleston bar. The incident happened on New Years Eve.

According to the police incident report, the bar Tabbuli in Charleston downtown was still open on Dec. 31 some time after 11 p.m. when officers approached. A bar employee informed the officers that only water was served in the bar at the time.

However, the officers noticed that there is sparkling liquid served in wine glasses. Their doubts were confirmed when a woman went out of the bar and asked them if they want some Champagne.

The manager claimed they were serving sparkling juice, but he couldn’t find the bottle when asked by the police.

Shortly after the bar was closed and all the guest left the place in minutes.

In July, Governor McMaster issued an executive order called that prohibits alcohol sales at bars and restaurants after 11 PM.

Cindy Carey


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