Lovely girl from Mississippi forced to remove her mask in school due to inappropriate message on it – parents about to take a legal action

Schools and students in general are among the most concerned with the current virus situation. Although some don’t accept it, we are obligated to wear mask everywhere we go including schools.

This 9-years-old girl from Mississippi has aspirations of becoming a missionary, so she chose a mask that expressed her beliefs. Unfortunately, when she wore the mask at school her principal ordered her to remove it due to the message it displayed.

Claiming the mask’s message was inappropriate because it went against district policy, the principal told the girl to remove it. She was then given another mask to wear with no message on it, according to her parents.

 “Jesus Loves Me.” This is what was written on the black mask with pink letters.

The parents will now file a lawsuit against the school principal.

Do you agree with the school decision?

Cindy Carey


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