Man accused of killing at least 12 elderly women aged 76-94 stealing their jewelry and other expensive belongings after their deaths

The 46-year-old B. Chemirmir, the main suspect in the case, is accused of killing at least 12 elderly women aged between 76-94 years and he faces numerous charges. If found guilty on all charges, he will most certainly remain behind bars for the rest of his life.

According to police, the 46-year-old suspect was well-known offender even prior to his arrest in March 2018 when he was accused, arrested and charged with murder in regards to the death of the 81-year-old L. Harris. The public court records indicate that he is still in custody since his initial arrest three and a half years ago.

Texas police were investigating Chemirmir in connection with suspicious death and suspicious person calls at a senior apartment complex in a Dallas suburb and found evidence linking him to Harris’ death in Dallas, authorities said.

According to another incident report, Chemirmir broke into the apartment of a 91-year-old woman earlier that March telling her to “go to bed”. The investigation showed that the elderly woman tried to fight Chemirmir in an effort to push him out of her apartment.

Chemirmir obviously didn’t expect that reaction from the 91-year-old and instead of leaving the apartment, he attacked her and the elderly woman was smothered with a pillow into unconsciousness and robbed. Luckily, the paramedics who responded at the scene revived her.

Once she was in stable condition, she informed the investigators that all of her jewelry and other expensive belongings are gone. Since no one else was in the apartment for weeks, it was obvious that the attacker stole everything.

Investigators obtained surveillance footage from nearby security cameras and they identified the suspect from a license plate number. He was located few days later and followed by the authorities until he was seen throwing a jewelry box into a trash bin. They traced the box to Harris, according to the affidavit.

The Police Chief then said that Chemirmir, who is originally from Kenya but a permanent United States resident, used his health care experience “to his advantage in targeting and exploiting seniors, some of the most vulnerable people in our community.”

As a part of the huge investigation, authorities were reviewing and looking into additional 750 unattended deaths of elderly women for possible links.

The suspect was arrested in 2018 for the death of the 81-year-old woman and charged with murder. On Thursday, authorities revealed that Chemirmir has been charged with killing at least 11 more elderly women whose jewelry and other valuables he stole after their deaths.

According to the Dallas County district attorney’s office spokeswoman Kim Leach, Chemirmir was indicted Tuesday on six more counts of capital murder in the deaths of women ranging in age from 76 to 94. Additionally, Chemirmir is also charged in Collin County with two counts of attempted capital murder for similar attacks there, according to county court records.

Jury selection in the trial of the accused serial killer B. Chemirmir began Wednesday.

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