Man shot and killed his wife then opened fire to their children while they were fleeing the scene because she wanted to divorce him

Not everyone is going through the divorce process in a calm manner as expected and this monster man is just another proof how violent a partner might become in such a situation after he reportedly shot his wife to death as soon as she told him that she wants to divorce him. Right after killing her, he opened fire to their children trying to kill them while they were fleeing the shooting scene.

The 53-year-old suspect Lawrence R. might spend lifetime in prison if found guilty for the shooting incident that happened late July in Texas when he killed his wife, identified as the 36-year-old Valerie J., obviously disturbed of the information that she is about to divorce him.

According to the incident reports, the couple’s minor children were upstairs in the house where the shooting occurred and immediately came in the living room as soon as they heard their parents arguing. Just when they came downstairs, the argument escalated and Lawrence shot his wife to deaths.

At the moment of the shooting, the children were terrified of what they were seeing and tried to leave the house. When the suspect realized they are fleeing the scene, he opened fire to them but he luckily missed them and they went upstairs uninjured.

Authorities responded at the scene following a 911 call that came from a neighbor in regards to a shooting incident. When they arrived at the scene, the suspect was already barricaded in the house keeping the children as hostages.

However, the officers used their techniques and the man surrendered shortly after. He was arrested and taken in custody.

The police report revealed that the victim was speaking with her mother, telling her that she definitely decided to divorce Lawrence. He heard his wife and asked to confirm what she said. She repeated that she had definitely decided and that’s her final decision and the argument started.

“No mother should ever have to endure the pain and heartache of listening to their child be murdered while on the phone with her. We are left speechless and in shock,” the victim’s mother says.

Valerie was on a few-week trip to Chicago prior to the incident. According to her relatives from Chicago, she already informed them how living with his husband is not an option anymore since he had been violent recently and she is concerned over their children’s safety.

“She was going to leave him. She was tired,” her cousin told ABC13. “He knew it was over when she stayed in Chicago for as long as she stayed.

“He knew it was over. He killed her. He didn’t give her a chance,” she added.

Police didn’t reveal how many children the couple shared together. Lawrence is facing multiple charges including murder charges and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. If found guilty, he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison.

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