Missing Child Alert: Man takes his 1-year-old daughter on a ride to buy drugs, gets high

The 44-year-old C. Smith, father of a 1-year-old daughter, was arrested and charged after he took his daughter on a ride to get drugs, gets high.

According to the incident reports, the police received a 911 call about a missing child. In the official statement, the mother said she left the baby with the father. He was the one to take care of her that day, she added.

When she returned home from work, both the father and the baby were missing. She immediately knew something is not all right when she saw baby’s diaper bag in the room.

“Information was obtained that Mr. Smith was possibly out attempting to obtain narcotics,” Florida police said.

Following the 911 call, Missing Child Alert was activated.

The next morning Smith and the baby returned home like nothing happened. The Missing Child Alert was cancelled. Although the baby was in “good spirits”, she was taken in hospital for further examinations. Baby’s health condition was good.

When questioned by police what happened during the night, he said he was just driving around the city, offering rides to people for money. Once he “earned” enough money, he bought methamphetamine and got high with friends.

Smith was arrested and he is facing child neglect charges.

Cindy Carey


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