Months old baby starts crying, mother’s boyfriend beats the baby to death for interrupting his video games, faces upgraded charges

The mother of the 4-month-old baby girl beaten to death is heartbroken, after her boyfriend beat to death the baby girl because she interrupted his video games when she started crying. The suspect was initially charged with attempted murder and assault, but could now face upgraded charges following the death of the baby girl.

The suspect, identified as 23-year-old R. Price, was arrested last month for beating the 4-month-old baby so hard that she suffered serious injuries and was transferred to hospital for treatment. The incident occurred in the mother’s apartment on June 21.

“He took an innocent child’s life for absolutely no reason,” said her mother Kemp, 24, who met Price through a dating site this past November. “The only reason he gave [police] was that she wouldn’t stop crying… He also asked me for forgiveness. I told him, ‘I don’t know how to do that, honestly.’”

According to the incident report, Kemp left her daughter in her New York apartment in the afternoon hours with Price. She returned home around 11 p.m. and the baby was already in her bed, sleeping.

The next morning Kemp was worried that the baby girl hadn’t woken up yet and she tried to wake her up around 10:30 a.m., but without success. Kemp added that the baby looked lifeless and unconscious.

“I really tried to wake her,” said Kemp. “I poured water on her face, running it over her head, you know? Just doing anything you can do to try to wake a person up.”

According to Kemp, the suspect had twice before watched the little girl without any incident before she left her with Price to go pay a fine and pick up her 6-year-old son’s kindergarten certificate. She is also the mother of a 1-year-old boy.

The next day Kemp and her boyfriend rushed the girl to hospital. As soon as the medical examination was finished, doctors diagnosed the baby with a brain injury, a fractured skull and internal bleeding.

“The only thing he told me was that he didn’t feel he hurt her that badly,” said Kemp. The suspect, however, never really explained to the mother what exactly happened that evening.

Price initially said to police that the baby was lying on his lap while he played video games and he bounced her up and down in an effort to pacify the baby once she started crying. However, he later confessed that he threw the crying baby against a wall and banged a video game controller against the baby’s head. The reason for that, he added, was the fact that the crying baby was disturbing him while playing video games.

The newborn was held in hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the injuries on July 1st, just days after the incident.

Price, initially charged with attempted murder and assault, may now face upgraded homicide charges.

Cindy Carey


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