Multiple roads in Charleston were closed on Sunday following heavy rain Saturday overnight

Charleston, South Carolina – Multiple roads were closed on Sunday in Charleston because of flooding following heavy rain Saturday overnight.

According to the city officials, crews were out in the city doing storm clean up including street sweeping and clearing out drains. City Spokesperson Jack O’Toole in a statement said the worst part of the cleaning was the trash on the streets.

Commercial trash pickup was out of service for several hours, but continues before noon. Residents were asked to secure their garbage cans because of the rain.

A total of 28 calls were received people asking rescue assistance Saturday night. In six occasions fire crews responded in regards of high-water rescue vehicles.

The city reports road closures on E. Battery Street at S. Battery and King Street at Huber Street. The Crosstown in both directions was previously closed, but is reopened as of 12:30 p.m. with a warning.

“City officials and crews continue to use every resource at their disposal to protect the life and safety of those in Charleston,” City of Charleston Emergency Management Director Shannon Scaff said in a statement.

“During these types of events, with high levels of rain and flash flooding, it’s critical that our citizens and visitors avoid all unnecessary travel and never drive through flooded roadways. As we always advise during these events, ‘Turn around. Don’t drown,'” she said.

The Public Safety Operations Center will remain open on a 24-hour basis until the area is clear of storms.

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