Two adults and two teenagers arrested regarding the last month’s drive-by shooting at a home in Orangeburg, police

Orangeburg, South Carolina – Two adults and two teenagers were arrested and charged in regards to the drive-by shooting at a home in Orangeburg that happened on March 22nd, the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

According to the incident report, a total of three people were inside the Orangeburg residence located at Sheppard Lane at the time when shots were fired from a moving vehicle.

The local sheriff officer earlier this week informed the public that Isaiah Tucker and Mark Harper, both 17 years old, were arrested regarding the incident and are facing three counts of attempted murder each.

The investigation led the authorities to additional arrests.

“The more we investigated this case, the uglier it became,” Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said. “We uncovered evidence a security officer at a local school was also involved in helping the shooters.”

According to Ravenell, the 37-year-old Kimberly Thompson, Harper Jr.’s mother, was arrested and later charged with trafficking methamphetamine after a quantity was found at their home while her son was already in custody.

The investigation also showed Isaiah Tucker’s mother was also involved trying to help the shooting suspects after the incident. She was identified as the 44-year-old Deborah Tucker and she was arrested and later charged with obstructing justice.

The investigation showed that Deborah, who works as a school security guard, notified the shooting suspects they were being sought by the authorities after she heard police talking over the law enforcement radio traffic.

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