Unarmed teenager gets shot 13 times by five police officers, all of them are charged after this video of the incident went public

Rodriguez, 15-year-old teenager, was shot at least 13 times by five police officers in the incident that occurred few months ago. The police officers were put on administrative leave for months, but now they are facing first-degree manslaughter charges after a video was revealed for the public.

The shooting took place back in November in Oklahoma, when police responded to a 911-armed-robbery call at the Okie Gas Express.

Before the officers arrived on the scene, the store owner somehow managed to run leaving the teenager locked in the store.

When police arrived on the scene, they asked the teenager to come out of the store and he climbed the drive-through window. The commands that officers gave Rodriguez can be clearly heard on the body-cam footage.

As requested, the victim lifted his shirt up and pulled the gun from his pants. He was holding the gun with his thumb and forefinger and dropped it in front of him. He then put his left hand in his back pocket and his right hand in his front pocket or waistline.

One officer fired a “less lethal” round at Mr. Rodriguez, striking him, prosecutors said. Five other officers then “unnecessarily” fired their guns at Mr. Rodriguez, striking him multiple times and killing him.

The young boy had no weapons other than the gun he already dropped in front of him. A cellphone was found in his pocket and probably he only wanted to reach his phone before being shot.

The young boy was shot 13 times in his head, chest and other parts of the body.

The five officers who fired lethal rounds are now charged with first-degree manslaughter. First-degree manslaughter carries a penalty of four years to life in prison, prosecutors said. The officer who fired the “less lethal” round, was not charged, the police confirmed.

Rodriguez’s mother agreed that what her son did is illegal, but that doesn’t give the right to police to shoot unarmed people. He expects officers to be sentenced many years in prison.

Note: The video can be found on the following link.

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