Abusive daycare worker arrested and charged after husband sets up hidden surveillance camera and the footage is disturbing and hard to watch

Several Iowa mothers felt nothing but confidence when they left their precious infants in the right hands. Christina W., a local resident in the area, was the woman that took care of a couple of infants while the parents were at work.

Christina was incredibly attentive, routinely sending her clients photos of their children’s progress. Any time one of the kids received a scratch, Christina didn’t hesitate to contact the parents, helping them to feel confident that she had their children’s best interest in mind.

But when Christina’s husband returned from work one day, he was puzzled by their 8-year-old’s odd comments about her care of the infants. Suspicious of his soon-to-be ex-wife, he decided to set up a hidden camera to see what his wife was doing with her clients’ babies. What he captured shocked him.

The husband’s hidden camera captured Christina engaging in horrific abuse of the infants under her care. She would often yank up the babies by their arms, shove their faces into the carpet, stuff cloths into their mouths, pick them up by their heads, and even leave the helpless infants alone on multiple occasions.

Shortly after reviewing the footage, the husband took the video to the police and immediate investigation was opened. A couple of days later, the young woman was arrested and charged with several counts of felony child endangerment, willful injury, and neglect of three children.

It was soon uncovered that she was running a non-registered daycare through her home. The families of the abused children were immediately notified, leaving them in shock over what their trusted babysitter had been doing.

The judge took no pity on her. She received an appropriate sentence even after her plea deal, ensuring that she would not step foot outside of a prison cell for several years.

Fortunately, these parents were made aware of their children’s abuse before any lifelong or irreversible physical injury was inflicted. Of course, the trauma and guilt of knowing that they had left their precious babies with such a monster will forever haunt them.

NOTICE: Due to disturbing content, you must visit Youtube to watch the surveillance footage on the following link.

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