After failing to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination to enter their children’s elementary school, parents attacked and injured female security employee after physically preventing them to enter the school

Following the winter’s Omicron wave when the country set new record high numbers of Covid-19 cases on a daily basis, America is currently in a calmer period, when it comes to Covid-19, and most of the states loosened majority of the pandemic measures and restrictions. However, some states still require their residents to stick to some rules like wearing face masks and showing proof of vaccination when entering specific indoor places.

Since the start of the vaccination process, more than 256 million Americans are considered vaccinated with at lest one dose of the vaccine, while 218.2 million are fully vaccinated against the deadly virus. Nearly 99 million Americans are boosted, meaning they received at least three doses of the available Covid-19 vaccines further improving their protection against the Omicron variant as well as potentially new variants.

Despite the loosened pandemic restrictions, unvaccinated Americans in some states are still having hard times to access some facilities and live their lives like the fully vaccinated folks sometimes resulting with incidents. So was the case recently when three parents assaulted female elementary school security employee in NY after they failed to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination when asked by the officer in order to enter the school building.

According to multiple reports, the female security officer suffered several injuries and was hospitalized for treatment after she was attacked by three parents who were not able to provide proof of vaccination, even though they were required to if they wanted to enter the school building. The identity of the security officer was not revealed by the local authorities, but it was confirmed she was in stable condition after the attack.

The incident happened last Thursday in an elementary school in N. Y. when the officer physically prevented the parents to enter the school after failing to show proof of vaccination. According to Newsweek, the parents allegedly told the officer upon arriving at the school that they had spoken to someone on the phone about bringing the food for a child’s birthday so they didn’t need to show proof of vaccination. However, the local PD spokesperson said that the parents were told they could bring the food, but they would not be allowed to remain inside because of the city’s COVID restrictions.

Per the police’s report, two men held the officer, while the third parent, a woman, attacked her, pulling at her hair and hitting her. The parents fled the scene after the assault. The school security officer called police who later arrested one of the parents when he came at the school to pick up his child, while the woman was arrested when she returned to the school to call 911, alleging that the officer had assaulted her.

The local authorities later confirmed that two of the parents who were previously arrested now face several charges. The police statement indicates that the 26-year-old Tazaine Brooks, who is a mother of two children at the school, is charged with assault, while the man, identified as Kijana Harbin, was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and harassment. The men involved in the incident were reportedly fathers of the women’s children.

The local police confirmed two of the offenders are well-known to the local authorities as they each have prior arrests for assault and other charges dating back several years. The school security officer suffered the broken nail which caused her right hand to bleed, in addition to a laceration on her chin, and bruising and swelling in her face. Unofficially, the police meanwhile arrested the third suspect too.

This case, police say, is just another reminder why schools need more than one security officer.

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