Are we stuck with them forever? Fauci says masks might be seasonal thing after Covid-19 pandemic

Even though we are still far from the end of the pandemic, people are feeling like we are getting closer and closer every day. That being said, we dream of getting our lives back to normal and continue the everyday live like the pre-covid times. But Fauci doesn’t think the same.

In a latest appearance on Sunday, dr. Anthony Fauci said we might be stuck with the face masks forever, or at least for a few more years. And he was talking for a post-pandemic period.

According to him, people might choose to wear masks during certain seasons when respiratory illnesses are more prevalent.

“I think people have gotten used to the fact that wearing masks, clearly if you look at the data it diminishes respiratory diseases, we’ve had practically a non-existent flu season this year merely because people were doing the kinds of public health things that were directed predominately against Covid-19,” Fauci said during an interview on NBC Sunday program “Meet the Press.”

“So it is conceivable that as we go on a year or two or more from now that during certain seasonal periods when you have respiratory borne viruses like the flu, people might actually elect to wear masks to diminish the likelihood that you’ll spread these respiratory borne diseases,” he added.

People remain surprised of Fauci’s comments as Biden administration announced relaxation of the federal public health guidance on wearing masks less than a month ago. According to the new guidance, fully vaccinated people are still recommended to still wear masks as usual, but they are now allowed to “gather in small groups” without wearing a mask.

“We are at the point right now where we can and start lifting these ordinances and allowing people to resume normal activity. Certainly, outdoors, we should not be putting limits on gatherings anymore and we should be encouraging people to go outside,” Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CBS Sunday program “Face the Nation.”

According to the latest statistics, almost 34% of the US population have been fully vaccinated, while 45% have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Gottlieb added that in the upcoming period we shall see relaxation in indoor public health measures especially in states with low Covid-19 cases and high vaccination rates.

We all agree that we look forward to get rid of the masks forever and end the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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