Brother kills sister on housewarming party and shoots three others before shooting himself, friends claim he was jealous on his sister for getting new apartment

Housewarming party ends up tragically for the host, three guests and the shooter. Man from Texas killed his sister and injured three more before turning his gun on himself, authorities confirm.

  1. Carr died on the scene when her brother, J. Wright shot her on Carr’s housewarming party. Wright then opened fire and injured three other people, before turning the gun on himself.

The house was still full of boxes as Carr moved to her new apartment only a few days before the incident.

“We are going to try to piece this together and determine what happened,” sheriff said.

Carr died on the scene while her brother died few hours later in the local hospital. The injuries to the three others involved were not life-threatening, authorities said. These three people were family and friends. Luckily, two more girls were found closed in the bathroom uninjured.

According to the police, some of the friends and family members said Wright was always jealous on his sister, but this escalated lately when she bought herself new apartment. Instead of being supportive and happy brother for his sister getting new apartment, he shot her to death only for being jealous.

The ongoing investigation should reveal if there is another motive or reason for the shooting.

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