Doctors urge parents not to try to make their own baby formula as four babies were hospitalized at the Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital as a result of infant formula shortage

Charleston, South Carolina – The baby formula shortage is causing a lot of problems for parents who are having hard times to find much needed supplies for their babies.

Parents countrywide drive from store to store on a daily basis to find baby formula, but the shortage is so serious that some are even forced to make formula on their own to feed their babies.

Due to the shortage, an increasing number of babies have been hospitalized lately in Charleston. The Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital at the Medical University of South Carolina says that four babies were hospitalized due to the infant formula shortage.

According to the hospital officials, three babies were hospitalized due to bad reaction to new formulas, while one baby was made sick by mineral imbalances from a formula that a parent tried to mix on their own.

Doctors say three of the babies developed unwanted reactions when their parents had to switch to different formulas, but the babies couldn’t tolerate the new formula.

Clinical dietitians say the hospital has admitted many infants made sick by families watering down formula but they warn parents not to try to dilute formula or attempt to make their own.

Monica Doyle


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