Lowcountry parents concerned due to the baby formula shortage as Biden admin tries to solve the nationwide problem

Charleston, South Carolina – In the last few weeks, Americans are having hard times to find the much-needed supplies of baby formula to feed their babies.

What was expected to be just a minor problem and resolved in a short period of time, ended as a major concern for parents who sometimes have to drive for hours to find at least one can of baby formula.

The baby formula shortage occurred due to the supply chain issues, but mostly because of the Abbott Nutrition large plant closure due to contamination recalls. Abbott Nutrition expects to re-open in the upcoming period, but they say it will take months before the supplies are back in the stores countrywide.

Biden administration confirmed they are working in solving the problem with the baby formula shortage as several military planes carrying baby formula arrived from Germany on Sunday and more are expected to arrive this week. However, major part of these supplies will be shipped to hospitals and clinics, again, leaving parents looking for a solution on their own.

Speaking to ABC News 4, several Lowcountry parents expressed their concerns regarding the baby formula shortage, a problem that bothers every parent across America.

Driving for hours in a single day, visiting dozens of stores, asking out-of-state family relatives for help, are just part of the things parents of babies fed with baby formula have in common lately.

Kennedy Sineath, a Lowcountry parent, said that she is worried about the issue she faces lately since she can only feed her baby with formula because her baby was born at 25 weeks.

Another Lowcountry parent, Rebecca Arliss, said that she also has hard times in finding supplies in the Lowcountry area so she had no options left, but to contact her family relatives from New York and send her several cans of formula so she can feed her baby.

In an effort to help parents in finding the much-needed supplies, dozens of Facebook groups have been created lately where parents are helping each other with sharing supplies between them. However, it’s worth noting that everyone should be very careful as dozens of people have reported scammers who try to scam desperate parents.

While parents expect to see baby formula supplies in stores as soon as possible, most of them now rely on the support of the local community as well as out-of-state family relatives and friends.

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