New lines starting from Charleston International Airport Thursday, Breeze Airlines

Charleston, South Carolina – Starting Thursday, Charleston Airport flight schedule will be richer for several more direct destination after Breeze Airlines adds a total of 11 flight lines.

The first flight will take place Thursday at 1:25 p.m. and the plane will depart for Hartford, Connecticut. The plane will arrive from Tampa earlier just before noon.

“Its a huge deal. That’s a very large increase for us,” Charleston County Aviation Authority CEO Elliott Summey says, after the company announced that they are adding a total of 11 destination from Charleston Airport.

Seven of these 11, will be completely new on the schedule.

The company also announced that their next flight will take place on Friday, offering service to Louisville, Kentucky.

“The more opportunities we have for more direct flights to other places, it gives our business folks opportunities to showcase Charleston,” Summey said. “And to be able to connect Charleston to our industry leaders.”

The remaining eight destinations and their start dates are:

  • Norfolk, Virginia – June 10
  • Akron/Canton, Ohio – July 8
  • New Orleans – July 8
  • Pittsburgh – July 8
  • Columbus, Ohio – July 8
  • Richmond, Virginia – July 8
  • Huntsville, Alabama – July 15
  • Providence, Rhode Island – July 22

The first flight from Tampa to Charleston was sold in under 30 minutes after sale begun. This is amazing signal that all flights to and from Charleston will be a great opportunity for both the travelers and Breeze Airlines.

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