‘No Thru Truck’ ordinance to be considered for two roads on Johns Island, Charleston County to discuss on Tuesday

Charleston County has been considering “No Thru Truck” ordinance for some roads in the area for some time now and they are about to discuss the ordinance once again on Tuesday evening.

Reportedly, the Charleston County Council are about to discuss the ordinance on their meeting that will take place at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“No Thru Truck” ordinance is an ordinance that restricts large trucks from driving on certain roads.

The ordinance specifically applies to Berryhill Road and Walter Drive, both of which are near Main Road and Maybank Highway on Johns Island.

Initially, the idea for the ‘No Thru Truck’ ordinance was brought to the council in August.

Once more details are available after the Tuesday meeting, we will update the story.

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Cindy Carey


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