Roof Repair Rally program for Lowcountry residents who can’t afford fixing their leaking roofs

Major help for Lowcountry residents and community who can’t afford to repair their leaking roofs is coming from Sea Island Habitat for Humanity as a part of their Roof Repair Rally program.

According to Sea Island Habitat for Humanity, the target is to repair at least 30 roofs before the end of the summer.

However, the organizers struggle to keep up with the demand and repair as many roofs as possible as a result of the lumber high prices.

According to Sea Island Habitat for Humanity spokesperson Sheilagh Carlisle, the prices for roof repairs has doubled since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last March. So, to make the Roof Repair Rally a reality, they are looking to raise $100,000.

As of now, more than 80 people have applied for the program and are currently on the waiting list. The sooner they manage to get the wanted amount of money, the sooner they can help those in need.

Carlisle says they need donations and volunteers, specifically volunteers with roofing or contracting experience.

“Sometimes we forget that there are neighbors all around us that might not be living in the best conditions,” she says. “For us to be able to repair some roofs, some doors, or install some ramps, and really improve the quality of life of our neighbors here, I think it’s just a wonderful thing to do.”

With the latest increase in lumber prices, the cost for a single roof repair can reach up to $10,000.

Carlisle added that their latest intervention saved one veteran’s home since he was not able to fix the room by himself, but the situation in the house was so bad that he couldn’t even continue to live there.

“There were actually some holes in the roof, you could see through to the sky,” Carlisle says. “They were covered up by some tarps just to try to keep the weather out.”

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