South Carolina Highway Patrol offers $5,000 sign-on bonus and improved, just under $50,000 starting salary for uncertified troopers

South Carolina – South Carolina Highway Patrol has had hard times to attract new employees in the last couple of years, but the agency believes that that is about to change now with new, improved starting salaries for uncertified troopers and one-time sign-one bonus for new employees.

SCHP has been criticized for offering low pay to existing and new employees and the agency finally decided to improve the salary, at least for new employees.

In an effort to reinforce the recruitment efforts and make the job positions more attractive, the agency just announced a new starting salary for its troopers.

According to SCHP, the new pay begins at $49,440 for uncertified troopers and everyone will be eligible for one-time sign-on bonus of $5,000.

Those interested to learn more about the new offers, should visit SCHP’s website.

Cindy Carey


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