Summerville is about to get new fire station, residents happy with the latest decision that will bring improved safety

Summerville is about to get new fire station and that would be the sixth fire station in the city of Summerville.

Reportedly, the fire station will be located on Miles Jamison Road, right next to the Coastal Center. Summerville Fire Department Chief Richard Waring said that currently crews are working in preparing the site and that would be finished by December.

Since this is a new building, there is no address assigned for the fire station, but it will be located between the traffic circle and the Coastal Center on Miles Jameson Road. It would be on the same side of the road as the Coastal Center.

Summerville has improved by a lot in the recent years and the number of residents has been growing ever since. The new fire station will be sixth in the city of Summerville and is more than welcome since it will improve the general safety in the area with lowering response times for fire crews.

“Just looking at the response times and what not for the area that this station’s going to serve,” Waring said. “Neighborhoods such as Summerville Place, the Lakes of Summerville, and those neighborhoods that are in town, it’ll improve our response time to those areas, and that’s what we were looking to do.”

According to the recent data, the current response time in the area is 7-10 minutes. With the new fire station in place, fire officials believe the response time will drop below 5 minutes.

Waring says Summerville Fire is working with Dorchester County on the land agreement for the new station. While it is in town limits, he says they are going to be able to serve some areas in unincorporated Dorchester County as well.

Two of the existing fire stations were renovated in the last couple of years, but the new fire station is expected to have much modern solutions incorporated which will make the operational much easier for the firefighters.

“Well, it’s just, it’s exciting,” Waring said. “Anytime you add a new fire station facility, it’s great for the department because it gives us a sense of pride for a new facility, and it’s also a better service we’ll be able to provide for our citizens, so we’re excited for that.”

Fire Station 6 will have one fire engine and 12 firemen based out of it.

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