The school worker who forced the Black 9yo student to eat the food she previously threw because she didn’t like it in front of the whole class was fired

It was not that long ago when we reported about the incident when a lunchroom employee forced a 9-year-student to eat the waffles she previously threw in the garbage bin because she didn’t like them, a incident that sparked outrage among the parents whose children attend the same school.

The story was brought to the light of the day early December when the mother of the student decided to publicly speak about what happened in an interview with Local 12. According to the Latasha Williams, the mother of the 9-year-old student, her daughter was humiliated in front of the class in November after she was reportedly forced by the lunchroom worker to eat the food she previously threw in the garbage bin because she didn’t like it, while all the other students were in the class and allegedly laughed at her.

The incident happened at the Lorain’s Palm Elementary in Ohio and the local community was devastated by the school worker’s behavior asking the school district to immediately fire both the principal of the school and the worker involved in the incident. Shortly after the story was revealed by Williams, the school worker was put on administrative leave pending disciplinary investigation.

“It literally flipped my whole family upside down,” Williams then said. “She doesn’t act the same. She doesn’t even wanna go to school.” “It’s terrible to think a child goes to school and feels safe may now never feel safe again at school,” said the lawyer who later filed lawsuit against the school district, the principal and the elementary school.

According to the lawsuit, Williams allegedly lost her only job because she had to take care of her daughter who suffered mentally and was not ready to go back at school even couple of weeks later. The lawsuit also says the girl suffered physical and emotional trauma as a result of the incident, Kansas City reported.

Williams additionally confirmed there was a video of the incident, but the school refused to show to her and her attorney. Finally, the video was released last month and that was the first time for Williams’ attorney to see it, a moment that brought back all the feelings of humiliation and embarrassment the girl felt right after the incident, which will eventually be heard in federal court.

“What we see is a student finish with her lunch… again, a student finish with her lunch and she goes to throw the lunch away like hundreds and thousands of students across the country do every day,” said J. Klebanow, one of the attorneys for the girl’s family.

Last month, the school district confirmed that the school lunchroom employee who was put on administrative leave while the investigation was ongoing, was fired from the school. In addition to that, the school district also decided to fire the principal who decided not to inform the school district for the incident until the mother officially filed the lawsuit.

The video of the incident as well as the news coverage about the incident can be seen on Fox 8 News.

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