The trend continues as gas prices hit new high in South Carolina, $3 gallon until Memorial Day predictions

Charleston, South Carolina – The gas prices keep the trend and continue to rise in South Carolina.

According to the latest reports, this month the prices are higher for 20 cents on average since last month, mid-February.

Compared to last year, South Carolina residents pay 45 cents more for a gallon. Today’s average price is $2.54, while this time last year the average price was $2.09.

This trend is seen across the other US states too, and even globally. Experts say the gas prices will continue to rise as a result of increase in travel and better global economy. However, many other factors contribute to this.

“A lot of folks have asked, hey are we going to see $3 gas soon, I’d like to say that we won’t see that but never say never because there’s a good chance that we might see $3 gas as we approach Memorial Day,” said Tiffany Wright, Spokesperson for AAA of the Carolinas.

The following list shows the average gas prices per county in South Carolina:

    • Charleston County – $2.33/gallon
    • Dorchester County – $2.45/gallon
    • Colleton County – $2.50/gallon
    • Berkeley County – $2.34/gallon
    • Georgetown County – $2.35/gallon

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