Three non-stop flights added from Myrtle Beach airport starting $39, Frontier Airlines

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Myrtle Beach airport will officially become richer for three more non-stop flights Frontier Airlines officials confirm.

Buffalo, N.Y., Providence, R.I.; and Portland, Maine will be the new destinations added to the schedule starting June 11. Travelers can start booking their tickets as soon as today.

The low-cost airline will offer service between Buffalo and Myrtle Beach twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, starting on June 11.

Flights to Providence will begin June 10, and flights to Portland on June 12, the airline announced on Wednesday.

Starting ticket price is set to $39. The promo-price will be valid for tickets until September. The base price doesn’t include refund option, carry-on bag, checked luggage or seat assignments.

Two other companies, also announced new destinations from Myrtle Beach airport.

Six new destinations for $69 and one for $79 were added by Southwest recently.

Untied Airlines also expanded their airline network across the country now matching Myrtle Beach with three more cities.

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