Virginia mother couldn’t believe her eyes of a police officer playing with two little girls, but the reason for that is unbelievable

Virginia mother simply couldn’t believe her eyes of what she saw – a police officer laying on the ground, playing with two little girls. Although some didn’t agree with the act, the reason for this is more than amazing and something that is not seen often.

Iesha, the mother who took the photo, now believes that all the children in their community including her daughter have a new superhero in officer Fleming.

Fleming and the children first met when emergency crews responded to a gas leak at her apartment complex. Once the leak was declared not a threat, and Fleming realized everyone was safe, he started talking with the residents of the complex as he often does.

“I was telling him that my daughter, my niece and some of the other children here were afraid of cops,” Iesha said.

When officer Fleming spotted the kids playing outside, he went over to them, got down on the ground and started playing too. First, he joined a group of boys who were coloring, and then with the girls who were playing with dolls.

The mother took a photo of the interaction and posted it on Facebook.

The officer became local celebrity right after this footage.

Cindy Carey


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