Volunteers needed for COVID-19 vaccine trial in N. Charleston

In August, clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine will start in North Charleston.

Clinical trials of South Carolina is working with Pain Specialists of Charleston on this study.

They are testing a vaccine that has already passed Phases One and Two.

They’re looking for 1,500 hundred volunteers, and especially essential workers.

Patient-volunteers can enroll as long as they have never tested positive for having COVID-19 or antibodies.

Deanna Lambert, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator, stated,” Please volunteer. We are looking for heroes who will come in and be apart of this exciting trial.”

Patients will receive two injections of the vaccine and will be monitored for several months to track its effectiveness.

Dr. Matthew Drakeley added, “A lot of the questions that patients have ‘is it the coronavirus’ and ‘am I going to sick from the vaccine?’ It is not a live virus.”

If the vaccine is proven effective, it could be a gamechanger.

Drakeley added, “It will be able to help provide immunity to those more at risk.”

Individuals can call -843-789-3707.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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