Woman gets infected with Covid-19 on her bachelorette trip, ended up in critical condition on ventilator on her wedding day, dies weeks later

While health experts urge everyone to get vaccinated against Covid-19, many people still remain vaccine hesitant and oppose the vaccine putting in danger themselves and the people around them. This was the case with this young woman who didn’t want to get the vaccine on time and ended up fatally after contracting the deadly virus on her bachelorette trip.

The 29-year-old Samantha W. is just another victim of the Wuhan virus who ended up in hospital with severe condition just when she had to marry her fiancé late August. According to reports, the woman contracted the virus on her bachelorette trip days prior to the wedding day where she was the only unvaccinated person out of 10 other people who attended the party.

As soon she got back from the trip, Samantha started to feel the first mild symptoms of the virus. According to her fiancé Austin, she started with light cough, but her condition worsened as the day went on. The very next day, not only had her cough gotten worse — she broke out in hives.

She had broken out in stress hives before because of all of the stress of the wedding planning and everything that’s going on. She had it before and thought that’s what that was, but I told her, ‘You know, just to rule it out, if your work tests, see if they’ll allow you to get tested,’” Austin said.

The couple tested positive on the virus. Austin only suffered a high fever and was back to normal in a few days, but Samantha’s condition was worsening. The couple had appointments to get the vaccine prior to their wedding day, but the positive tests changed their initial plans.

Austin said that the reason they had not gotten vaccinated earlier was the deluge of misinformation circulating about the shots. While he said he was not completely certain where Samantha may have seen it, Austin said his fiancé became hesitant after seeing false claims about the COVID-19 vaccine making women lose their fertility.

Although many studies have shown that this can’t be directly connected to the vaccine, it looks like many women are opposing the vaccine because of this reason. It is believed that the false report first surfaced on social media and included misinformation about the spike protein associated with coronavirus.

“At one point in time, I believe it came from one of her friends to be honest, it could have been something she saw on Facebook because it pops up everywhere on there, but it was about fertility loss. We wanted to have a family. That’s why we were hesitant at first,” Austin said.

With the Delta variant wave coming into place, the couple decided to get vaccinated and scheduled an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccine. But then Wendell got sick. She was admitted to the hospital on Aug. 9, according to Eskew.

Samantha got so sick that she was put overnight observation as a result of dangerously low oxygen levels. But her condition got worse the next as the doctors discovered that she has developed bilateral pneumonia and she was immediately transferred in larger hospital and put on ventilator. The couple were not able to see each other, but they were able to FaceTime every day with the help of the nurses.

After couple of days, Austin was allowed to make short visits. At one point, the woman tested positive on Covid-19 and Austin and her family relatives made a schedule to someone was with Samantha for most of her hospital stay.

On Sept. 6, doctors told Eskew and Wendell’s families that she would likely survive her bout with the virus and seemed optimistic, according to Eskew. But just days later on Sept. 9, doctors performed a CT scan to see how Wendell was progressing and found she had scarring all over her lungs. The next day she was pronounced dead.

The unlucky Austin now warns everyone to get the shot against the deadly virus which was proven to keep everyone safe in most cases from severe condition and deaths. He is devastated of what had happened to his fiancé, regretting they didn’t receive the vaccine on time.

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