Black homeless man choked and stabbed 20 times white teen girl while riding her skateboard in broad daylight

14-year-old girl is dead after homeless man choked and stabbed her more than 20 times while she was riding her skateboard in broad daylight. The family of the white girl is furious as the brutal incident gained little media coverage.

The incident took place last Friday in the early morning hours around 7 a.m. when the girl was riding her skateboard going from her father’s house to her mother’s house in Fargo, North Dakota. In what appears to be a random attack, the homeless man attacked the 14-year-old J. Paulsen, choking and stabbing her more than 20 times.

Police said the attack lasted for nearly 20 minutes and part of the attack was caught on video by a nearby store surveillance camera. The girl was on life support for several days before she was declared brain dead. Paulsen’s father confirmed they will donate her organs to “try and save some lives.”

The attacker is now facing murder charges and prosecutors set bail at $1 million, cash only. He was identified as 23-year-old Arthur Prince Kollie, homeless black man with no fixed address.

Officers said they know Kollie very well as this is not the first time for him to cause problems in the neighborhood. According to police report, he was on probation for assaulting a police officer in 2017 at the time of the attack.

In May of this year, Kollie pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm within city limits, being a felon in possession of a gun, and a drug charge. He was sentenced to 18 months supervised probation and 27 days in jail, but records indicated he was released early due to time already served, allowing him to be on the streets by last Friday.

When he was questioned by police what happened and what was the motive of the attack, Kollie said he smoked methamphetamine the day before the attack and he doesn’t remember anything about attacking anyone.

Parents and several users on social media were furious why the attack didn’t gain enough media coverage as this tragedy is not usual everyday attack.

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