DHEC once again reported less than 500 new Covid-19 cases, 37 deaths reported on Wednesday

DHEC on Wednesday released the latest daily Covid-19 report adding less than 500 new cases.

As usual, Wednesday’s report shows the result from the tests conducted two days ago.

According to the report, 481 new Covid-19 cases were added on Wednesday. 298 cases confirmed through PCR tests and another 183 detected through rapid tests.

In the same report, 37 new deaths were reported. 27 deaths are considered as confirmed, while 10 deaths are considered as probable.

The 37 deaths included eight deaths in Lowcountry counties. Charleston County reported three confirmed deaths, Berkeley County reported two confirmed deaths, Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties each reported one confirmed death. Georgetown County also reported one probable death.

The positivity rate was 6.1% out of 7,661 tests conducted.

Since the start of the pandemic, South Carolina reported a total of 900,464 COVID-19 cases, consisting of 721,558 cases detected using PCR tests and 178,906 detected with rapid tests.

Additionally, a total of 13,803 COVID-19 related deaths were reported. 11,927 deaths are classified as “confirmed” and an additional 1,876 are classified as “probable.”

For Covid-19 related data and information about the vaccines please visit DHEC website.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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